Ritual Productions Ritual Productions is a record label based in London, launched in the Winter 2010. Our discography: RITE001CD - Ramesses - 'Take the Curse' CD RITE002DL - Ramesses - 'Take the Curse' Digital Download RITE003DL - Ramesses - 'We Will Lead You to Glorious Times' Digital Download RITE004DL - Ramesses - 'The Tomb' Digital Download RITE005DL - Ramesses - 'Misanthropic Alchemy' Digital Download RITE006CD - Bong - 'Beyond Ancient Space' CD RITE007DL - Bong - 'Beyond Ancient Space' Digital Download RITE008LP - Ramesses - 'Chrome Pineal' LP RITE009DL - Ramesses - 'Chrome Pineal' Digital Download RITE010CD - Ramesses - 'Possessed by The Rise of Magik' CD RITE011DL - Ramesses - 'Possessed by the Rise of Magik' Digital Download RITE012LP - Ramesses - 'Possessed By The Rise of Magik' double LP RITE013LP - Ramesses - 'Take the Curse' double LP RITE014LP - Ramesses - 'Misanthropic Alchemy' double 12" LP + bonus material RITE015CD - Ramesses - 'Misanthropic Alchemy' double CD + bonus material RITE016CD - Bong - 'Mana Yood Sushai' CD RITE017DL - Bong - 'Mana Yood Susha' Digital Download RITE018CD - Bong - 'S/T' CD RITE019DL - Bong - 'S/T' Digital Download RITE020LP - Bong - 'Mana-Yood-Sushai' LP - second pressing on coloured vinyl RITE021LP - 11PARANOIAS - 'Superunnatural' 12" LP RITE022CD - 11PARANOIAS - 'Superunnatural' Digital Download RITE023CD -11PARANOIAS - 'Superunnatural' CD + bonus material - with delux full colour double sided PVC sleeve RITE024LP - Bong - 'Stoner Rock' double LP RITE025CD - Bong - 'Stoner Rock' CD RITE026DL - Bong - 'Stoner Rock' Digital Download RITE027LP - Bong - 'Beyond Ancient Space' double LP - uncut, remixed, remastered specially for vinyl RITE028LP - 11PARANOIAS - 'Spectralbeastiaries' 12" LP RITE029DL - 11PARANOIAS - 'Spectralbeastiaries' Digital Download RITE030CD - 11PARANOIAS 'Stealing Fire From Heaven' CD RITE031LP - 11PARANOIAS 'Stealing Fire From Heaven' LP RITE032DD - 11PARANOIAS 'Stealing Fire From Heaven' Digital Download RITE033CD - Ghold 'Of Ruin' CD RITE034LP - Ghold 'Of Ruin' LP RITE035DD - Ghold 'Of Ruin' Digital Download RITE036CD - Bong 'We are, we were and we will have been' CD RITE037LP - Bong 'We are, we were and we will have been' LP RITE038DD - Bong 'We are, we were and we will have been' Digital Download RITE039LP - 11PARANOIAS 'Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World' LP - with MPV Key RITE040CD - 11PARANOIAS 'Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World' CD - with MPV Key, bonus material and additional artwork RITE041DD - 11PARANOIAS 'Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World' Digital Download RITE042LP - Ghold 'PYR' LP RITE043CD - Ghold 'PYR' CD - with bonus track RITE044DD - Ghold 'PYR' Digital Download RITE045LP - The Poisoned Glass '10 Swords' LP RITE046CD - The Poisoned Glass '10 Swords' CD - with bonus track RITE047DD - The Poisoned Glass '10 Swords' Digital Download RITE048LP - Horse Latitudes 'Primal Gnosis' Double LP RITE049CD - Horse Latitudes 'Primal Gnosis' CD RITE050DD - Horse Latitudes 'Primals Gnosis' Digital Download RITE051DD - Thralldom - 'Time Will Bend Into Horror' Digital Download
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions2 days ago
BONG - Band UK at their recent Lisbon (PT) ritual!
Credit: Miguel Pinheiro Photography

BONG have various rituals scheduled, including appearances on the Ritual Productions 'Psychotropic Atrophy' tour!
Ritual Productions
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Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions4 days ago

Ritual Productions shall be coming to the masses this September! Featuring 11PARANOIAS, BONG and GHOLD, these dates celebrate Ritual Productions' artists. Mark down the following rituals and immerse yourself in the live incarnation of our rites!

We are extremely excited to bring our label onto the road as a collective sonic force. Mind melting, third eye awakening and utterly entrancing, we together will explore the terrain of 11PARANOIAS' hypnotic psychedelic darkness, BONG's mesmeric drone and GHOLD's heavy prog chaos.

Become uneasy, become one with heavy, become one of us...

23/09 - London (UK) @ Kamio
24/09 - Brussels (BE) @ Magasin4

With the mirage of Multidimensional Paranoid Vision, 11PARANOIAS hypnotise listeners into their hullabaloo of highs. Intense mind whirls, blistering euphoria and spectral wonderment are induced by their darkened psychedelia, opening realms of aural, visual and further sensory paranoia!

BONG - Band UK:
BONG invite listeners known and new to permit themselves to their unfurling, mesmeric drone. The band's transformative, otherworldly and majestic hues captivate masses in attendance, subsequently rendering the trio quite a following. Transform and transcend with BONG's glistening darkness.

GHOLD are exceedingly explosive and gigantically relentless in their mission to shake your skulls and intoxicate your brains with their deeply infectious weight and gruff infused melodies. Their craft of working with creeping volume, dizzying abrupt spells of frantic speed and maniacal caterwauls leaves listeners on tenterhooks, yearning for more.

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Ritual Productions4 days ago
More immersive photos of BONG - Band UK have emerged; this time from their ritual in Porto (PT)!

Credit: Bruno Pereira
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions6 days ago
Stunning photographs of BONG - Band UK taken from their recent ritual at ZDB (Lisbon, PT). The full photo set can be found at
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions7 days ago
Meditation in May...

BONG - Band UK footage from their recent Coimbra (PT) ritual!
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions1 week ago
Following on from the previous post, this is the poster for tonight's BONG - Band UK ritual @ ZDB (Lisbon, PT)!
Artwork: Sílvia Prudêncio
Ritual Productions
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RITUAL: This weekend! BONG - Band UK play the city of Porto (PT)!

Event details:
Ritual Productions
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RITUAL: BONG - Band UK to headline this year's Doomlines on Saturday, 23rd July (Mulberry Underground, Sheffield, UK)!
Free entry!
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions3 weeks ago
"There’s something blackened about the band as well though, grim and heavy...this is music like a tar pit, it traps you and won’t let you go until you fully underwent the experience."

New review of Horse Latitudes' recent ritual at Northern Discomfort 2017 has emerged!
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions3 weeks ago
RITUAL: GHOLD play The Garage (London, UK) on June 15th!

Event details:
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions3 weeks ago

*12/05 - Horse Latitudes @
Caskets Open, Lepakkomies Baari (Helsinki, FI)

*18/05 - BONG - Band UK @ ZDB (Lisbon, PT)

*19/05 - BONG - Band UK @ TBC (Coimbra, PT)

*20/05 - BONG - Band UK @ Understage TPM Rivoli (Porto, PT)
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions4 weeks ago
RITUAL: GHOLD perform at Supersonic Festival 2017 on Sunday 18th June (Birmingham, UK)!

Details: - weekend and day tickets available

The rites of GHOLD can be found at our webstore on LP, CD & DD: