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Ritual Productions is an independent record label and publisher, committed to providing uneasy listening for the masses, since Winter 2010. Ritual Productions exists to support and unleash daring, transcendental and original music with arcane artists of the same persuasion. By permitting artists the freedom and independence to work instinctively and enabling them to conjure sonic potions that resonate deeply with their own, and the label’s, ethos and psyche, we believe this allows the unhinged and otherworldly magik to thrive! The result has been releases – what we deem RITES – that are intoxicatingly hypnotic and deeply infectious in their power to melt minds, awaken the dormant third eye and entrance the listener into our disorientating riff realm of chaos. Ritual Productions sees all of its rites as serious artistic processes which deserve and receive the utmost care and attention to detail, releasing only the best quality products, crafted to inspire you. Our roster consists of artists whom all delve deep in the creation of subversive, contemporary and nuanced music. Enter the realm of Ritual Productions:
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
It's another Bandcamp Friday!

With a selection of our rites currently sold out on LP & CD, our Bandcamp is a digital portal to all of our releases. Including:

Take The Curse
Chrome Pineal

BONG - Band UK
Stoner Rock


Alabaster White
Heavy Sleep
Pop Incentive
Live in Studio 2018

Time Will Bend Into Horror (digital exclusive)

We are offering a 25% 'Full Digital Discography' discount too!

As always, thank you for your support.
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
Re-awaken yourself this Thursday afternoon with a live version of the 11PARANOIAS track, 'Loss Portal'.

Track taken from the rite 'Asterismal'. Available at our webstore on LP, CD & digital, including limited-edition packages:

Footage courtesy of Graham Dyer.
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
Horse Latitudes | 'Primal Gnosis'
Track: 'New Dawn'

'Primal Gnosis' exemplifies the band's slow, primordial and powerful music, combining suffocating doom, black metal and hypnotic psychedelic repetition to form their colossal vision.

Available on double LP, CD & digital download over at our webstore:
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
Words from Basalt's Marcelo Fonseca.

Basalt's offerings:
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
BONG - Band UK | S/T

Ritual Productions re-released Bong's self-titled album in 2012. Featuring full versions of 'Wizards Of Krull' & 'The Starlit Grotto', in addition to one unreleased bonus track 'Asleep'.

Available at our Bandcamp. Physical editions sold out:

More Bong offerings:
Ritual Productions
Ritual Productions
We have Viviankrist magnets over at our webstore!

*Can be purchased as a full set or individually.
*EXTREMELY limited stock!

Full Viviankrist offerings: