Horse Latitudes ‘Primal Gnosis’ Digital Download


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Horse Latitudes are known for their slow, primordial and powerful music, combining suffocating doom, black metal and hypnotic psychedelic repetition to form their colossal vision. Primal Gnosis marks the first studio contribution with Antti (Moog & noise), bringing a new dimension of dark synth into Vellu (bass), Heidi (bass) and Harri’s (drums & vocals) song-writing process.

Over the vasts spans of their tracks, the doubled-up bass guitars assail and attack notions of sparsity with a complex sense of melancholia and aggresion that, combined with the smashing constant of percussion, attain a disturbing momentum. They display their avant-ferocity in a refracted manner, confronting monastic chanting with necro savagery, leading clinically detached post-punk queues of notes in to noise-rock crevasses, all the while finding more fuel for their greedy, churning engine. A highpoint in their outré discography, and an impacting occasion for denizens of unconventional and epic heavy music.

The album was recorded in two sessions during Autumn 2015, the first taking place at Studiogenes, Ikaalinen (engineered by Kalle Nurmi), and the second at Audiospot, Helsinki (engineered by Kimmo Tyni). The album was subsequently mixed by Kalle Nurmi and mastered by James Plotkin.