Viviankrist ‘Alabaster White’ Cassette Tape


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Alabaster White is one of Viviankrist’s most recent recordings, coming into being during Spring 2020.

Residing in Norway, Viviankrist is no stranger to limited sun & this album is inspired by those few captured, yet so very cherished, daylight hours. Gorgeous expansive textures, contemplative drones and subtle gothic tinges radiate over the listener, with pockets of bright, balmy and bouncing beats throughout. Offering a more reflective and atmospheric slant to Viviankrist’s craft, Alabaster White basks in ambient minimalism before spontaneously combusting into fractured psychedelia.

Technically different from Viviankrist’s previous offerings, no overdubs were used in the creation of these electronic passages.

Clear cassette case with full colour on-body shell printing, in hand numbered clear case with transparent sticker. Includes free digital download and limited edition art card. Limited to 20 copies.

Art by Marina Junqueira