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Viviankrist 4 x cassette tape boxset, spanning home recordings composed over the last couple of years (2018-2020).

Each album is a manifestation of Viviankrist’s evocative psychedelic musings yet starkly different in their individual narratives. Recorded with synthesizers, the 4 albums absorb the listener within various kaleidoscopic electronic textures, including harsh noise, intense static glitch, ambient droning soundscapes, upbeat tempos and psych-experimentation.

Extraordinarily rare and limited 1980s vintage boxset – the ultimate collector’s item! Hand numbered and silk screened with 4 full colour print tapes and digital download including bonus material. 4 art cards and 8 stickers are encased in gloss colour envelope with embossed distressed mirror clasp.

Individual colour tapes and a digital release for each album are available.

Art by Marina Junqueira

Live In Studio

Live in Studio 2018 constitutes a pair of live pieces created two days & one day before Viviankrist’s 40th birthday.

Suspenseful minimalism collapses into harsh distorted chaos subsuming the listener into a confrontational amalgamation of severe fuzz, suffocating static, unbridled dangerous noise and obscure beats & glitches. Rhythmic, melodic hues rise through periodically – offering a transcendental quality – but do not be fooled by the devil in the detail. Extreme, pulsating and merciless, enter Viviankrist’s inferno of the harshest, nosiest and most horrifying dose of psychic dread and hypnotic enrapture.

Recorded live in Viviankrist’s home studio during June 2018.

Pop Incentive

Recorded in Autumn 2018, Pop Incentive is a potent concoction of busy, hyper energy inspired in no small part by Eri Isaka Fuzz-Kristiansen’s (Viviankrist) experience of motherhood.

Overdubbed with layers of synthesizers, the album reckons with intense electronic noise, mutant glitches and hypnotic, vibrant rhythms. A colourful chaos ebbs and flows throughout, alerting the listener to a new fantastical impression of poppy qualities & overactive tones, creating a feeling of ‘playful turbulence’. Dislodging all expectations and limitations of electronic psych experimentation, Pop Incentive will catapult you into a stratosphere of lively, kinetic vigour that only Viviankrist knew existed.

Heavy Sleep

Heavy Sleep, inspired by the period between falling into slumber to re-awakening, materialised in the early Spring of 2019.

Initially harkening to a droning, eerie atmosphere, the album travels through lullaby fogginess and captures the perplexing aura of vivid dreams. Tormenting hellish nightmares, perennial insomnia & the scraping and pulsating essence of an over-active mind imprisoned inside the despairing, paralytic body are further encapsulated within the album.

Where time feels claustrophobically endless, Heavy Sleep takes us on a psych-entrancing, paradoxical and affective journey through the hazy, surreal domain of altered consciousness, achieved wholly by synthesizer overdubs.

Alabaster White

Alabaster White is one of Viviankrist’s most recent recordings, coming into being during Spring 2020.

Residing in Norway, Viviankrist is no stranger to limited sun & this album is inspired by those few captured, yet so very cherished, daylight hours. Gorgeous expansive textures, contemplative drones and subtle gothic tinges radiate over the listener, with pockets of bright, balmy and bouncing beats throughout. Offering a more reflective and atmospheric slant to Viviankrist’s craft, Alabaster White basks in ambient minimalism before spontaneously combusting into fractured psychedelia.

Technically different from Viviankrist’s previous offerings, no overdubs were used in the creation of these electronic passages.