Viviankrist ‘Heavy Sleep’ Cassette Tape


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Heavy Sleep, inspired by the period between falling into slumber to re-awakening, materialised in the early Spring of 2019.

Initially harkening to a droning, eerie atmosphere, the album travels through lullaby fogginess and captures the perplexing aura of vivid dreams. Tormenting hellish nightmares, perennial insomnia & the scraping and pulsating essence of an over-active mind imprisoned inside the despairing, paralytic body are further encapsulated within the album.

Where time feels claustrophobically endless, Heavy Sleep takes us on a psych-entrancing, paradoxical and affective journey through the hazy, surreal domain of altered consciousness, achieved wholly by synthesizer overdubs.

Clear purple cassette case with full colour on-body shell printing, in hand numbered clear case with transparent sticker. Includes free digital download and limited edition art card. Limited to 20 copies.

Art by Marina Junqueira

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