Viviankrist ‘Live in Studio 2018’ Digital Download


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Live in Studio 2018 constitutes a pair of live pieces created two days & one day before Viviankrist’s 40th birthday.

Suspenseful minimalism collapses into harsh distorted chaos subsuming the listener into a confrontational amalgamation of severe fuzz, suffocating static, unbridled dangerous noise and obscure beats & glitches. Rhythmic, melodic hues rise through periodically – offering a transcendental quality – but do not be fooled by the devil in the detail. Extreme, pulsating and merciless, enter Viviankrist’s inferno of the harshest, nosiest and most horrifying dose of psychic dread and hypnotic enrapture.

Recorded live in Viviankrist’s home studio during June 2018.

Art by Marina Junqueira