Ritual Productions is an independent record label and publisher, committed to providing uneasy listening for the masses, since Winter 2010. Ritual Productions exists to support and unleash daring, transcendental and original music with arcane artists of the same persuasion. By permitting artists the freedom and independence to work instinctively and enabling them to conjure sonic potions that resonate deeply with their own, and the label’s, ethos and psyche, we believe this allows the unhinged and otherworldly magik to thrive! The result has been releases – what we deem RITES – that are intoxicatingly hypnotic and deeply infectious in their power to melt minds, awaken the dormant third eye and entrance the listener into our disorientating riff realm of chaos. Ritual Productions sees all of its rites as serious artistic processes which deserve and receive the utmost care and attention to detail, releasing only the best quality products, crafted to inspire you.

Our roster consists of artists whom all delve deep in the creation of subversive, contemporary and nuanced music:

11PARANOIAS: 11PARANOIAS hypnotise listeners into their hullabaloo of highs. Intense mind whirls, blistering euphoria and spectral mirages are induced by their darkened psychedelia, opening realms of aural, visual and further sensory paranoia. Their rites are aural and spectral feasts that are not for the faint of mind!

ANCIENT LIGHTS: The origins of Ancient Lights comes after 13 unholy years of jammed discourse and psychic plotting. 2017 sees the manifestation of such surreptitious sonic scheming and the subsequent integration of the members within a united space – considering the trio all live in different countries.

BASALT: Basalt unify elements of doom, black metal and dark experimental tones, subverting musical archetypes and creating new extreme audio terrains. Harkening to the dense low-end, cavernous and intense depths of the heavy sonic, Basalt fuse this fury with extraordinary ambient and atmospheric scope, incorporating a unique channelling of influences and sounds.

BONG: BONG invite listeners known and new to permit themselves to their unfurling, mesmeric drone. The band’s transformative, otherworldly and majestic hues captivate all who witness, rendering the trio quite a following. Transform and transcend with BONG’s glistening darkness.

DRUG CULT: A vortex of majestic heaviness laced with an evocative psychedelic haze, whereby classic melodies meld with fuzz-drenched riffs cultivating an enticing potion of technicolour wickedness. Although a grooving heavyweight tone drives throughout Drug Cult’s sonic, a darkened presence is forever evident.

GHOLD: GHOLD are exceedingly relentless in their mission to shake skulls and intoxicate brains with their prolific weight and gruff infused melodies. Their craft of working with creeping volume, dizzying abrupt spells of frantic speed and foreboding multi-textured noise always leaves listeners captivated.

HORSE LATITUDES: Finnish alchemists of the heavy arts – Horse Latitudes – offer a bespoke magik that burns and melds into a slow, primordial incarnation of hypnotic doom, black metal and psychedelia. Their vision allows only for surrender to their dark yet immensely illuminating and absorbing art.

NIBIRU: Nibiru immerse listeners within their terrifically hypnotic realm of mind-altering heavy psychedelic sonics, where deep Enochian chants infuse with phenomenally sublime ritualistic tones. The result induces an entrancing and magick ambience that simultaneously conjures awe and wonder with foreboding danger and terror, speaking profoundly to your subconscious.

RAMESSES: Ramesses are uncontested throne holders in the constellation of all things grim and doom. A blistering supercharged malevolent miasma packing a feverish ferocity, Ramesses harken to looming darkness, zero remorse and the outstandingly heavy swell of savage commanding power.

THE POISONED GLASS: The Poisoned Glass released their debut and eagerly awaited stark, sinister and suggestive rite, 10 SWORDS, during 2016. It’s exceptional a duo can be masters of such disorientating quietude that is too hugely affecting. Anticipate an unnervingly pleasurable aural poison…

THRALLDOMThe underground enigma Thralldom stirred, and subsequently arose, from a decade-long dormancy during 2016. Their latest offering sees a wicked hybrid of various metal genres; intimidating in its sublime coldness, creeping uneasiness and dark sonic decay.

VIVIANKRIST: Viviankrist marks a new chapter for both Ritual Productions and Eri Isaka Fuzz-Kristiansen, calling to the left-field electronic, noise and experimental palette. Eri, aka Viviankrist, delves deep into her love for analog synths and improvised music, switching effortlessly between cinematic, hypnotic and affecting grooves. No stranger to Ritual Productions, Viviankrist has previously shared stages with Ramesses in her previous incarnation as Gallhammer’s Vivian Slaughter. We are collaborating with Diagonal Records for the release of Viviankrist’s ‘Cross Modulation’ – a first for both labels.

The live incarnation of our rites are offered as RITUALS for the masses. This shared absorption leaves no listener safe from the elemental spells and sonic séances of our artists. As loyal and unknowing spectators will both testify, once you initiate yourself into the Ritual way you will find it hard to keep away…and you will never be the same.

Enter the realm of Ritual Productions:

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