Ghold ‘Of Ruin’ LP


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The two components of bass and drums are bound together so tight on Of Ruin that they resemble a singular gnarled entity, kneading together groove and melody like putty in the palm of their hands, with explosive results.

Intrinsically heavy and elastically supercharged, Ghold create a strain of viscous rock that is as plainly devastating as it is capricious, pushing down the scales in a myriad of manners to achieve an ever heavier outcome.

The riffs of the bass approach a murky mysticism, likely to crumble in landslides of overblown fuzz, before snapping in to strict rigidity comparable to what Motörhead would sound like if you isolated the rhythm section.

The wealth of ideas presented by Paul Antony and Aleks Wilson on Of Ruin surpass the imaginations of the majority, and it’s easy to see why Terrorizer tipped the weight and grunt purveyors as one to watch for 2015.

LP cover art by Alex Virji, 180 gram vinyl with Black and Smoke variations, double sided full color insert. Includes free digital download.

First 50 orders will receive a set of 3 vinyl stickers,
and the first 10 orders will also receive a Ritual Productions charcoal grey cotton record bag with Ritual Productions silver print.