The Poisoned Glass ’10 Swords’ CD


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On 10 SWORDS, wide steps of ringing drones link and linger, finding slow, supple harmonious instances, and masochistic examples of the opposite, over which Edgy narrates eloquent batches of lamentation. Sometimes isolating and windswept, often immediate and agonizing, the interplay between his impassioned vocals and burgeoning electronics is a key identifier in The Poisoned Glass sound, while Dahlquist’s bass surges intermittently across the record, devastating when cranked up to full power. Pick scrapes sound off like the claustrophobic clamour of jungle animals on ‘Eels’, while elsewhere and over and over again, frequencies pulse in tandem with an unidentified score, leaving the listener suspended, for minutes on end. ‘Verbatim’ surrounds its explosion of a centre piece with an almost sarcastically reverent chant, and ‘Silent Vigil’ finds them at their most structured and consequently, at their most unsettling.

10 SWORDS utilises infinite textures and crawling pace to create a manipulative, negatively influencing flow of sound that is suffocating, suggestive, and sinister to the point of genuine fear – in other words, a huge and affecting achievement from the pair.

CD is housed in 6 panel digipak, with metallic red print and features a CD exclusive bonus track titled ‘The Still Air’. First 40 orders will also receive 4 vinyl stickers and 2 metallic pin badges.